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Is it something like this you want?

Is it something like this you want?

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Wellness for City Residents

How to optimize your health and maintain it.

Living in the 21st Centaury requires a great deal of self care that was not needed in previous times when we lived closer to nature.

1 We are exposed to the constant stress of noise and pollution and have little or no contact with nature.

2 We get less sleep and the body gets less chance to repair itself when something starts going wrong.

3 A lot of our food is sprayed with chemicals and genetically modified which is confusing our bodies ability to digest it, leading to ulcers and other digestive problems.

4 We are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones, WiFi and microwaves.

So where to start ?

Number 1 for me is with our food. Giving our body a good chance to combat the daily stresses I start the day with a glass of warm water and freshly squeesed lemon or lime juice which helps to clear any toxins from the body. Lemon or lime has a natural alkalising effect on the system which tones and cleans the liver and the digestive tract.

Antoinette O'Connell

Qualified from the Devon School of Homeopathy in 1990. A founder member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths and a former Director of the Irish School of Homeopathy in Dublin Ireland. Has worked with healing people and animals for 25 years.She has spent the last 8 years in Brazil using vibrational essences of crystals, trees and the channeled energies of the Dragon Healing team to evolve a technique along with Ana Vidal that can help us overcome the blockages that prevent us reaching our highest potential in all areas of life.

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